Wading in waste

The Story

Why is decluttering and organizing so hard to do and maintain?

Clutter makes us feel out of control, frustrated and tired. It freezes us in the past and keeps us feeling listless and exhausted. We end up ignoring the messes and shrinking our living spaces to accommodate the ever growing piles.

Face it, clutter is the guest who never leaves! It comes in without assistance but will not go away without a helping hand.

The benefits of decluttering and organization will exceed your expectations. We create order out of your chaos and believe us, we’ve seen worse than yours. We reclaim the spaces lost to clutter and together we organize them specifically for your needs and habits. A declutter session is an invaluable gift to you and your family. Your reward is found time, saved money and peace on the home front.

Think of this as physical therapy for your rooms!

Satisfied customer
Satisfied customer


  • All areas of the home, including:
  • Space utilization
  • Closets, drawers and storage areas
  • Filing systems & solutions
  • Staging and room redesign
  • Paper issues, including photos
  • Scheduling and time management issues
  • Garden spaces and outdoors advice